The Nati will play six games in autumn. Who’s the captain if Stephan Lichtsteiner doesn’t play? „It can’t be Xhaka,“ says Henchoz. After the double-headed eagle, the experts pronounce themselves in favour of Yann Sommer (29).

On Friday, Nati coach Vladimir Petkovic announced his squad for the international matches against Iceland (8 September in St. Gallen) and England (11 September in Leicester). Captain Stephan Lichtsteiner (34) is also surprisingly found in the line-up. Yeti Online Casino is a site where the players can access games from other software.

Vladimir Petkovic Honours


FK Sarajevo
  • Yugoslav First League: 1984–85


Malcantone Agno
  • 1. Liga: 2002–03
  • Coppa Italia: 2012–13

nati player

Nevertheless, the question remains: If Lichtsteiner is not on the field – who will lead the Nati on the pitch?

After the resignation of Valon Behrami (33) a new representative of Lichtsteiner is needed. And this fact is explosive, because after the double-headed eagle incident the question is: What impact does the Nati have on the population? How do we align the team for the future?

It’s also a question of hierarchy. At the beginning of 2016, Vladimir Petkovic had decided on a clear order. This was called: Captain is Gökhan Inler, deputy Stephan Lichtsteiner, third man Valon Behrami and fourth man in the hierarchy is Yann Sommer.

When Petkovic Inler left the squad, the coach changed that. Lichtsteiner and Behrami moved forward, Xhaka was „third captain“, Sommer not mentioned at all anymore. This led to discussions within the team, but was hardly noticed by the public.

It’s also about who the right ambassador is
And now it’s suddenly explosive. Because actually it would be clear that Granit Xhaka (25) would now have to lead the Nati as captain.

No, says a number of experts, led by Stéphane Henchoz: „Xhaka does not represent Switzerland“. And it doesn’t matter whether their names are Huggel, Yakin or Stiel. Everyone is convinced: It can only be Yann Sommer. Betsafe Casino offers the best games in casino field.

It’s about more than football, it’s about the role of the ambassador. It’s about Granit Xhaka cheering himself on the sidelines with the double-headed eagle when he beat Serbia 2-1 in the World Cup. And it wasn’t de-escalating when he put the cheering on Instagram several times, as well as the re-enactment of the gesture with his wife on holiday in Seychelles. And it is also clear after the last months that Xhaka’s appointment would cause internal trouble.

The question is whether Vladimir Petkovic also has this sensitivity to the public’s feelings. And whether he wants to bet on the then 35-year-old Stephan Lichtsteiner in the European Championship qualification in spring. Lichtsteiner already announced: „I’m not going to step down, I’m going to face any competition“.
But one way or another: It’s an important decision for Petkovic, who will arrive on Saturday in the Kybunpark of St. Gallen with the captain’s armband. Either at the beginning of the game, if Petkovic brings the young Kevin Mbabu (23) instead of Lichtsteiner. Or later, when the Arsenal player leaves the field.

It is a big decision how to align the Nati. Hardrock Casino Online is very fun and excited online site.


Swiss Nati Games 2018
Saturday, September 8th – Nations League
Switzerland – Iceland in St. Gallen 18.00
Tuesday, 11 September – International match
England – Switzerland in Leicester 20.00
Friday, 12 October – Nations League
Belgium – Switzerland in Brussels 20.45
Monday, 15 October – Nations League
Iceland – Switzerland in Reykjavik 20.45
Wednesday, 14 November – International match
Switzerland – Qatar
Sunday, 18 November – Nations League
Switzerland – Belgium in Lucerne 20.45